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Transforming B2B sales from a user's perspective

How to take sales and marketing to the next level of competitiveness

Challenge: For the world’s biggest brands, driving innovation in global markets is fundamental. And yet, the disruption of traditional sales channels and evolving customer behaviour is forcing marketers to find alternative ways to stay competitive… a digital alternative.

Approach: The dgroup project team wanted to avoid a solely technical solution and focus on the future needs of retail partners and end-user customers. We analyzed the demands of the market and its readiness for digital, and interviewed key retail partners about their future needs. Out of this analysis, we recommended major digital initiatives to help transform the client’s way of serving the markets, maximize competitive advantage, and sustain market leadership.

Key results: After four months of intensive analysis, concepting and roadmapping, we were able to deliver on several market-driven digital initiatives. We used fresh customer insight to expand the potential of the client’s new B2B platform. The team also boosted the efficiency of the sales department (“sales per head”), driving down the relative cost of sales. Just as important, dgroup helped change the structure of the sales organization by sharpening roles and integrating new digital capabilities.

Key Partners

Mathias Gehrckens

Managing Director at dgroup

„The key to digital transformation is to see it as something positive and be an active part in shaping it.“

Special Focus: B2B, Logistics, Banking, Restructuring

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