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Outgrowing the market

Ninety days to launch an agile digital platform

Challenge: In many sectors today, it’s hard for companies to expand market share through traditional marketing channels like TV and print. Arduous efforts are required to ensure growth. Digital is different. It offers opportunities for many of our clients — including a rising star in mobile telecoms — to challenge and eventually outgrow the market leader.

Approach: For an ambitious telecoms company, focusing on digital channels was a masterstroke. Our One Team approach combined business expertise with IT know-how until we had an infrastructure in place to take on the market leader. In just 90 days, we launched an agile digital platform designed to accelerate innovation, drive online sales and support a monthly product release cycle.

Key results: The intensity and speed of the project was breathtaking. Start to finish took just 90 days. The outcome was more than a platform designed to overtake the giants of telecom. It was also a new agile mindset where employees understood and worked toward the full potential of a digital transformation.

Key Partners

Dr. Marc André Micha

Managing Director at dgroup

„Digital is the new normal. I am thrilled by the new entrepreneurial spirit that has been unleashed by it.“

Special Focus: Retail, Telco, Mobility, Agile Program-Management

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