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Improving the market position through business model innovation

The desire for quality, responsibility and traceability of consumer products becomes more and more important for customers. Manufacturers and suppliers need to take action in order to fulfill those requirements. A leading dairy company contacted us to improve their market position through new business models and to ensure their future viability.

During the five-week project, we gathered insights through client workshops, customer and expert interviews, asset analysis as well as market and trend research. Those allowed us to deliver two streams in parallel: the internal optimization of existing concepts and the ideation of new business models.

  • Internal optimization: We analyzed existing client concepts and assets regarding value contribution, market differentiation and related costs. Based on our results, we developed three optimization scenarios and evaluated the respective necessary adjustments.
  • Business model ideation: in design thinking workshops we developed together with the client personas and their specific needs. During that that several business ideas evolved which we challenged regarding their market potential. The most promising ideas we developed further and created concrete business models.

Key results
We were not only able to show the client strategic improvement measures for his current concepts but also to identify new business models based on existing customer needs in the market and present assets. Coming from a longlist of >20 business ideas, we selected a shortlist with five promising business models and elaborated the most preferred idea. For this idea we went one step further and carried out an initial market analysis and created a mock-up as preparation for the subsequent minimum viable product (MVP).
During the project, we took great care to ensure that our client can identify himself with the developed business idea and the future roadmap. As next steps, we planned and blueprinted the digitization of current processes and future scaling into the additional business model.

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