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Digital Vision for Chinese Retailer

In order to digitalize your business the board should agree on a digital vision for your business model as a preparation to go into implementation

Challenge: Retailers with a core business in offline are loosing share of revenue to online and omnichannel players. When our client, the Chinese branch of a global retail chain, noticed declining business growth while observing what Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is capable of, they realized that a stronger focus on digital was necessary – starting with a digital strategy that all board members agree on and believe in.

Approach: After interviewing all board members and the top management, we identified different opinions not only on the role digital played for their business but also on the perception how much digitalization impacts enterprises generally. Therefore, we organized an educational workshop for all board members to get everyone on the same information level about digitalization of businesses, especially in China. Furthermore, we set a focus on the chances of omnichannel due to the Chinese market and its customers being quite advanced in this field while our client was lacking behind. As we also realized that the retailer acted in a very fragmented market leading to a complex business model with a broad customers target group we analyzed these fields thoroughly.

Key results: As a result we developed a digital vision framework based on the targeted digital model for the client’s business areas. The digital understanding had been identified as being life critical for the management team and an omnichannel approach was identified as a substantial growth driver and key to serve a sustainable USP. Structured interviews and market analysis built a solid back bone of discussion. A series of interactive and disruptive workshops allowed the local management team to align on their digital vision which had to be substantially differentiating from competitors as well as to fit to existing core competencies and current strategic framework. As China is the leading omnichannel market worldwide today, our client has now potential to act as a digital pioneer for the global group.

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