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Digital Training for Marketing & Sales

To unleash digital potential in your company, you need more than a central digital team to drive system and process development. You need to foster greater understanding of digital in every function affected by digital transformation.


More manufacturers are realizing that the rapid shift toward everything digital demands a new kind of knowledge. Today’s staff need to be trained to recognize digital opportunities not just online, but in every facet of the organization, including traditional sales. Develop this know-how and—before long—your employees will become the leaders of your digital revolution.

Approach: We quickly saw that digital wasn’t a priority for traditional sales and marketing, and they lacked a clear vision for seizing digital opportunities, such as using customer data from resellers to power future growth.

So dgroup started by assessing the impact of the digital shift on the manufacturer and its customers. Soon, we uncovered digital potential in the value chain, especially in marketing, sales and the product itself.

These results shaped the second part of our work: digital basics training for all executives, including the management board. Out of this came digital seminars for the marketing and sales department. These workshops—we call them “guided tours”—are a mix of learning from digital experts and adapting new insights to current business.

Key results: Senior management understood the value of our workshops, and reflected digital opportunities within their strategy and annual plans. Department heads now run digital bootcamps regularly and there is a better understanding of what drives digital transformation… whether it’s replacing fear with facts, giving staff the time and freedom to apply their new knowledge, or simply overcoming uncertainty with skillful training. In the end, digital transformation is only as strong as the people who are driving it.

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