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Building a Digital Venture Capital Unit

Identifying strategic and innovative business opportunities to future-proof the overall business.

Challenge: In markets with high levels of innovation, it is important to take every opportunity to join and learn from the innovation process from an early stage. While our client, a global multichannel retailer, had a strong knowledge in innovation management, they were not living up to the full potential.

Building a digital venture capture unit.

Approach: The project kicked off with a detailed analysis and evaluation of the “make or buy” options for our client’s venture capital (VC) group. We realized that the best solution was an independent VC unit with strong external management and investment across Europe. Next, our consultants with VC expertise helped set up a venture capital fund from scratch, and steered the investments by transforming their operations. The team was furthermore extended by integrating a US venture capital firm and building a joint team managing more than 15 buy and sale deals.

Key results: Today, the value of the VC fund exceeds nine figures. Highlights include a breakthrough US IPO and several profitable exits to strategic investors. Beyond its performance, the project helped spread a new level of digital intelligence between the VC subsidiary and the corporate group, preparing the ground for future innovation and growth.

Key Partner

Uly Wolters

Managing Director at dgroup

„The only way forward is to think for yourself. If something is best practice today, it will not help you build the business of tomorrow.“

Special Focus: Business Modelling, Company Building, Digitization of Business Processes

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