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Agile transformation of an international construction company


Silo mentality and waterfall methods prevent companies from evolving their full potential. Throughout the introduction of agile working methods, the interlinking of cross-functional teams and a modern organizational set-up of a Digital Factory, we helped our client, an international machine- and plant construction company, to accelerate and to improve the software development process.


The project kicked off with an initial training week for employees to learn the basics of Scrum and agile, as well as leadership coaching sessions for middle and top management. First pilot teams for a cross-divisional Digital Factory which applies agile methodology were formed and established. In order to ensure long-term success, we gave employees the opportunity to implement new working methods when piloting new product ideas in cross-functional teams. During this time, we supported the successful transformation from a traditional development process to Scrum. The experiences in this journey helped in scaling the agile methodologies from the pilot teams to the entire Digital Factory with about 150 employees. During the transformation transparent and open communication methodologies were established to ensure that the set-up and governance of the Digital Factory is in line with the experiences made by the pilot teams.

Key results: 

As result, we defined and implemented an agile working methodology, which is the foundation for the Digital Factory. With around 150 persons coached and trained in agile methodology, we achieved a cultural change in teams towards self-organization and new values. The Digital Factory now uses several new agile tools and methodologies, such as market places, brown bag sessions and continuous feedback sessions. The transformation from “Waterfall” to “Scrum” was necessary to stand out from the competition and to provide even faster and more efficient software development.

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