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Feb 14, 2019 @ 02:02 by Alexander Voss

Your Organization’s Next Generation Operating System

In our latest report, we share with you our insight into the underlying principles of exponential growth. We explore what your organization can do to unleash its potential for exponential growth.

latest report about exponentially growing organizations

Translate attacks into advantages

Digitalization and changing customer behavior have fundamentally changed the way organizations grow. Traditional companies are designed to grow linearly. New companies on the other hand manage to grow their businesses exponentially by harnessing the full potential of digital technologies. Consequently, it is hardly surprising that existing, traditional companies are either already under attack by one these new players or will be under attack in the near future. In order to tackle and grow from these attacks, companies should take a closer look at what new, successful organizations are doing differently.

The secret sauce

Based on our experience in supporting over 300 digital transformation projects, we identified five key attributes that are at the heart of your organization’s next generation operating system.

Key attributes for the next generation operating system
Key attributes for the next generation operating system
  1. Unlock employee motivation by rediscovering and focusing on your organization’s purpose
  2. Master the art of adaptability through agile processes
  3. Foster growth by harnessing the power of exponential technologies
  4. Streamline your workforce by becoming a liquid organization
  5. Empower your employees by embedding an intrapreneurial culture

What keeps organizations from transforming?

We asked more than 1000 C-level executives of companies with € 1B+ turnover in 2017 and discovered that most companies have low to medium levels of awareness for the need to change. If measures are already being taken, they are mostly limited to specific domains or initiated without tangible light house projects and corresponding business initiatives.

Speed up your transformational journey

Technologies will continue to accelerate, disrupt entire industries, and deeply impact the future of existing businesses. Restructuring and reorganizing industries and organizations is inevitable. To accelerate and to support your transformation journey, we offer a set of initiatives tailored to your organization’s individual development stage.

For more detailed insights into the growth potential of your organization, please download our practitioner’s guide to exponential growth or contact us directly.

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