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Aug 25, 2015 @ 12:08 by Alexander Voss

dgroup has supported "Deutschland rundet auf" in 2015

"Deutschland rundet auf" is an initiative to fight child poverty in Germany.

By saying "Aufrunden bitte!", everyone can round up by max. 10 cents when paying for example at the supermarket cashier. The funds collected go to several projects that support children in need. dgroup has supported this campaign in 2015.

In total, 13 retail partners take part in the "Deutschland rundet auf" initiative, making it Germany's largest fundraising campaign by number of supporters (>27 million). Since its beginning in March 2012, supporters rounded up more than 79 million times and donated in total about 3.7 million Euros.

With these funds, the organisation was able to help about 43,000 children in poverty. Prominent support was also provided by football stars like André Schürrle or the former box world champion Henry Maske.

One of the currently supported projects is "Wellcome - Patenschaften für Familien in Not". This project organises sponsorships for families whose children suffer from poverty. By supporting them financially for a year, these families get quick help and also on-going advice within the network.

The independent fundraising organisation "Deutschland rundet auf" is organised in a way that all donations go to 100% to selected projects. A very good cause that is worth to be supported more!

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