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Fintech in China and the West: different stages of fintech maturity

Fintechs can make our life much easier. Chinese consumers have benefited from this. Can Fintech disrupt EU financial market? Will the German consumers accept it?

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A paradox: Digital Innovation vs Bureaucracy

Digital innovation has not yet truly arrived in the governmental context. Many opportunities remain untapped. Can government be disrupted by digital advancement? How to balance between the risk of control as a state and the expectation of good public service from citizens?

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dgroup starts dCAMP – a new exchange format for innovation labs

dCAMP, our new exchange format, has been launched. The main objective of this format is to build up an interactive and practice-oriented community to foster continuous and structured exchange between leaders of innovation labs. Discover the key takeaways of the first edition.

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The potentials of Blockchain – enabled supply chain for consumer trust and marketing

Today’s consumers react skeptical to conventional marketing claims. Blockchain has the potential to bring a new level of transparency into consumer goods supply chains and serve as a differentiator in the marketplace/ competitive battle. In this article, you will discover how companies can capitalize on this trend and how you can approach blockchain for your business.

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Leaders Connected: dgroup/Accenture with Digital Business Building and China‘s AI Innovation at the NOAH Conference in Berlin

NOAH is the leading industry event for the European Internet ecosystem. Being a key sponsor, premium- and content partner dgroup / Accenture was present with large scale.

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