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Sebastian Straube

Manager at dgroup

Special focus: Lean / Agile Enterprise Transformation

„Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn“


What are your main tasks?

I am an expert in the field of Enterprise Transformation. I make use of expertise in lean and agile methodologies to transform the way of working in teams, projects and enterprises.

What is your academical and professional background?

I have studied economics and business administration with a specialization in marketing and information systems.

What made you decide to work for dgroup?

I decided to join dgroup because of its unique people and end-to-end focus on digital transformation. We have all the forces to execute an initiative from a rough idea to scaling new business models.

What really motivates you?

“Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn”. In agile environments we often talk about “Continuous Learning / Improvements” and I am eager to always learn more and transfer that knowledge to younger colleagues.

Early bird or night owl?

Definitely not an early bird. I would not call myself a night owl but sometimes it could become late…

Digital native or immigrant?

True digital native. I experienced the first computers running in DOS mode until trying out all the digital gadgets.

Three books / blogs / podcasts you want to recommend?

  1. Jeffrey Liker: The Toyota Way: “Fourteen Management Principles from the World's Greatest Manufacturer” – the Lean Management Bible
  2. Donald G. Reinertsen: “The Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development” – not easy to read but a must for “Lean Enthusiasts”
  3. David J. Anderson & Alexei Zheglov: “Fit for Purpose – How Modern Businesses Find, Satisfy & Keep Customers” – to understand if your product / service is “fit for purpose”

Which three things would you take to a lonesome island?

Definitely one of my dozen agile books I haven’t had time to read so far. A solar charger and my iPhone to enjoy some music in the sun…

Where have you lived?

Germany, Czech Republic & Italy.

What have you learned at dgroup?

That you are never alone with the problems you are facing and there is always somebody who is willing to help you.

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