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Mathias Gehrckens

Managing Director at dgroup

Special Focus: B2B, Logistics, Banking, Restructuring

„The key to digital transformation is to see it as something positive and be an active part in shaping it.“


Can you please tell us your personal background?

I was born in Hamburg as the third child of a businessman's family. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family definitely left its marks. After I finished high school, I started with a dual business education program call “Hamburger Model”. Studying and working at August Bolten, a Hamburg based shipping company, I graduated with a degree in shipping and a basic degree in business administration. After earning a master degree in business administration I joint Grube, Titze & Partner, Bad Homburg (today Gemini Consulting) and later on Booz Allen & Hamilton, Düsseldorf. I have left Booz Allen as Principal and member of the German management team to join the Executive Board of the Döhler Group where I was responsible for international marketing and sales in the German speaking countries. After the turn of the millennium, I co-founded an incubator (allaboutmedia) for digital business ideas and a short time later with the foundation of diligenZ management consulting the cornerstone of today’s dgroup was layed. diligenZ was started as a consulting company for restructuring, transformation and multi-channel strategies. In 2008 the shareholders of diligenZ decided to set up a digital enabling agency to establish for their customers a digital full service provider. In 2013 we integrated the enabling business and renamed the company dgroup since we wanted to underline a clear digital focus for all our business and foster the alignment of provided services.

What was your main decision to dedicate your life to dgroup?

It’s my baby! I always wanted to set up a modern, high-performance and well recognized service company. I had the good fortune of finding the right partners and secondly appreciating customers to do so.

​Can you please tell us your personal view on digital today?

Digitalization is changing almost all areas of life fundamentally: the basis for information and communication, mobility patterns, our professional life, our leisure time, the consumer behavior as well as the way people shop and transact. If we look back to the turn of the millennium, only a small amount of people and companies where using the internet and less than 50 % of the population had a mobile phone. Our environment is changing rapidly. On the one hand, this is exciting - on the other hand, for some people also a bit frightening.

We all have to learn to enjoy change, something which is confronting our human nature. I believe, that the near future will still see an experimental phase of the overall digital change. The biggest challenge therefore is to stay curious - a little bit like a child testing the limits, without being scared. That counts for us as human beings and for us as the management in charge.

​Digitalization is changing our lives, can you please tell us your personal vision of our digital future?

I can see people reaching an age fare beyond a 100 years through digitally driven medical advancements, cars or other transportation means that are controlled by computers and not any longer by human beings, printing devices which produce many types of goods at home, homes that are fully managed and controlled digitally, people and companies sharing all kind of consumer durables and capital goods as well as services, a digital networked economy with a rising economies of scale and scope and much more. There are winners and losers of this development in all social classes. But who am I to tell the future in these times?

Please tell us three things you would like people to remember about you?

  1. Personal and professional commitment
  2. Inspiring and implementable ideas
  3. Worth the time we spent together
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