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Dr. Marc André Micha

Managing Director at dgroup

Special Focus: Retail, Telco, Mobility, Agile Program-Management

„Digital is the new normal. I am thrilled by the new entrepreneurial spirit that has been unleashed by it.“


​Can you please tell us your personal background?

I hold a PhD in Physics and I also studied business administration and Japanese language. I am married and have one child. The first time I went online I had to connect my Commodore VC64 to an acoustic coupler in the late 80s. Since then my life has focused on how our everyday life is being transformed by technology and how arts, business and technology get increasingly intertwined.

​What was your main decision to dedicate your life to dgroup?

I have spent ten years working for a leading strategy consultancy. When a client asked me to join the board and to lead the transformation I could not resist. Being responsible for running a sizeable service organization and pushing for change at the same time gave me deep insights into the actual mechanics of digital transformation. For me, dgroup is the right platform to deliver on this experience: finding visionary yet sound strategies and delivering strong business impact.

​Can you please tell us your personal view on digital today?

Major parts of our society and business still are trying to avoid the unavoidable: Digital is the new normal. I am thrilled by the new entrepreneurial spirit that has been unleashed by the new normal.

​Digitalization is changing our lives, can you please tell us your personal vision of our digital future?

Our society will be governed by two principles: individual freedom and real-time execution. Industry will have to adapt to it. This challenge will be much bigger than coping with the underlying technological revolution.

​Please tell us three things you would like people to remember about you?

  1. Successful strategy consulting
  2. Implementation of new ideas and business models
  3. Reliable business partner
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