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Development of a global B2B digital commerce strategy


Our client (global B2B industrial equipment producer) is faced with the reality that B2B buying behavior is shifting. Constantly evolving digital technologies are reinventing industries. And industrial business-to business (B2B) customers increasingly expect personalized, frictionless experiences. By 2025 50%+ of industrial transactions will be initiated online. This seismic shift requires a massive change of mindset, with investment in increased online tools and presence.

Hence, the global B2B industrial equipment producer needs to adapt its operating model and develop a global digital commerce and go-to-market strategy to improve its market position and remain competitive going forward.  


The project kicked off with a detailed analysis of the current market situation in all countries: We understood customer needs, as well as competitor actions and potential best practices from best in class digital commerce players. Furthermore, we diligently analyzed the customer’s product portfolio for digital commerce readiness

We then developed a country cluster specific eCommerce strategy and calculated the digital commerce potential globally and on country level.

Key results:

  • Comprehensive set of digital commerce relevant customer journeys including required features along the sales funnel
  • Digital commerce strategies for 29 countries
  • Digital commerce operating model
  • Go-to-market strategy for each cluster
  • Potential case and value case
  • Pilot market identification & roadmap

Uly Wolters

Managing Director at dgroup

„The only way forward is to think for yourself. If something is best practice today, it will not help you build the business of tomorrow.“

Special Focus: Business Modelling, Company Building, Digitization of Business Processes

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