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Development of a strategic sales concept for the D2C initiative


The eCommerce market is growing rapidly. The purchasing behavior is changing towards online and a strong brand isn’t sufficient to stand out from the competition. Companies need a unique value proposition and deliver customer experience. We helped our customer, a global fast-moving consumer goods company, to develop a new strategic sales concept for the direct to consumer (D2C) initiative.


We knew that the best way to develop a coherent D2C positioning is to know your customers. That is why we started to analyze the demands of the market, the benchmarks of the competitors and to outline a comprehensive Customer Relationship Approach. Based on our findings, we defined the value proposition for shopping in the brand’s ecosystem and visualized selected brand customer journeys. Those results were implemented into a workshop for the top-management.

Key results:

The newly acquired knowledge helped our customer to design a D2C sales strategy and to create new sales processes. The project's resulting positioning document captures a clear D2C positioning, as well as the best product presentation which results in a maximum customer experience. Our team also achieved a boost in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process by focusing on personalized offers and content based on transaction data.

Dr. Marc André Micha

Managing Director at dgroup

„Digital is the new normal. I am thrilled by the new entrepreneurial spirit that has been unleashed by it.“

Special Focus: Retail, Telco, Mobility, Agile Program-Management

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