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Mar 01, 2019 @ 04:03 by Alexander Voss

The driver of digitalization: IoT

The Internet of Things has been identified of the key driver of digitalization. We want to have a closer look at the Chinese IoT market and how a Chinese-European cooperation can drive progress, as well as some companies that already use IoT as success factor.

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Dear China-Fans, 

nowadays, most of the working parents have a similar daily routine: get up, prepare breakfast, go to work, pick up their children, cook dinner, clean the house and go to bed. As you see: during the week there is not much time for leisure. Wouldn't it be easier if there was a way for my house to cook and clean itself? Due to smart homes, this might be a scenario that could be possible in the future!

Just imagine, by pushing the button, coffee and toast will be waiting in the kitchen for you. One push and the vacuum cleaner runs around the living room. One push and the dinner will warm up on its own. Although this seems to be a very unrealistic scenario, due to the help of Internet of Things (IoT,) it might become reality.  IoT is everywhere! Alexa allows me to play music, to control the electricity in my house and provides me with the weather report and news. My Apple watch tracks my steps, calories and sleep quality. The technologies are migrating from the phone in our pockets into our homes, our cars, our cities. Did you realize that the IoT has already changed the way we live, work, entertain and travel? It had changed the way companies interact, engage and create value. The potential of IoT is enormous and it is already considered as the driver of “the Fourth Industrial Revolution” -  a revolution where machines and devices communicate, continuously and in ever greater numbers.

Now, let’s have a closer look at the Chinese IoT market and how a Chinese-European cooperation can drive progress, as well as some best practices.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the idea of connecting physical objects to the internet and identify themselves to other devices.

China on the forefront of innovation
China aims to become the leader of Digital innovation and IoT has been detected as one of the key enablers to achieve this. The government and local authorities support with its "ten action plans for IoT development", and an annual special funds for IoT in industrial development. Further information about what we can learn from China IoT, can be found here.

China and Europe - innovating together
Europe has regarded IoT as core of the digitization process of the economy and society and IoT initiatives (like Germany's Industrie 4.0) are gathering pace.  Hence, we see that both China and Europe invest in this area. And here again, the speed and the efficiency of innovations could be larger by using cross-cutting approaches. Read more about the EU-China Joint White Paper on the IoT.

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A lot of companies already found a way to use IoT as success factor. Let yourself inspire by the stories of three unicorns from China.

Brandlink focuses on B2C solutions for smart homes. With its slogan "your home is in your hands", the Chinese start-up supports Wi-Fi smart plug, universal remote and light switches. It uses IoT and Articifical Intelligence to simplify the life of its customers. 
Read more about how Brandlink applied IoT into business.
Click here to visit their website.

Ingdan is a world connector and the largest platform from China serving smart device communities worldwide today. The company aims to build a B2B supply chain platform which links entrepreneurs and hardware suppliers, and provides supply chain services.  Read more about why Ingdan is seen as the next Alibaba Click hereto visit their website. 

Tuya Smart 
By using its IoT platform and Articificial Intelligence, Tuya Smart has found a way to empower and support companies on a B2B2C level.
Read more about the success story and how they solve the challenges for traditional manufacturers with IoT platform. 
Click hereto visit their website

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