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Jul 09, 2015 @ 12:07 by Alexander Voss

dgroup Organizational Study “Digitale Transformation 2015″

More than 500 board members and CEOs from the trade, tourism, media and industrial branch participated in the study "Digitale Transformation 2015" to explain key barriers and success factors of digital transformation in organizations.

Digital innovations continuously change the market sphere and organisational structures. The dgroup "Digital Transformation 2015" study describes digital transformation growth barriers in German organizations and which factors are important for digital success. More than 500 board members and CEOs from the trade, tourism, media and industrial branch were questioned. In addition, in-depth expert's interviews with digital leaders were led and the knowledge from more than 250 digital consultation projects were incorporated.

Olaf Rotax, dgroup Co-Founder and Managing Partner, describes the situation as followed: „Two thirds of all businesses still have very limited digital know-how due to a lack of digital specialists in 2016. A physicist would say that the critical mass for ignition has not been reached yet.“

Invisible growth barrier of digital transformation

The study describes five reasons for digital growth barriers in German organizations:

◦ Digital is a management key role in only half of all businesses

◦ Two thirds of all businesses do not have enough employees with sufficient digital know-how required

◦ Nearly 50% of all businesses do not have a clear and communicated digital vision and strategy

◦ Despite the increasing dynamic of change in the market, businesses are less willing to make investments in digital

◦ The development of an agile, interconnected way of thinking is seen as the biggest growth barrier for digital transformation

If you want to receive a full version (in German) of the study, please contact us.

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