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Feb 05, 2019 @ 02:02 by Alexander Voss

Happy Chinese New Year 2019! It's time to add more value to your company

As the year of pig stands for wealth in Chinese culture, it is time to add more value to your company in 2019 – by recognizing new potentials. We would like to lose few words about one of these potentials: Cross Border eCommerce (CBE)

a month into 2019, we hope you celebrated the start of 2019 in good spirits with your family and friends. With the Chinese Lunar New Year starting today, we wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous year of the Pig (the Pig stands for luck, wealth and honesty).

The year of the dog was about openness – we started building bridges between the Chinese and the European ecosystem with new  customers, partners and events such as Inside China Summit and Hamburg Summit.

As the year of pig stands for wealth in Chinese culture, it is time to add more value to your company in 2019 – by recognizing new potentials. We would like to lose few words about one of these potentials: Cross Border eCommerce (CBE). The size of CBE will reach US$ 994 billion by 2020 according to data from AliResearch. CBE allows retailers to create new business model to meet their needs and enables manufacture to connect with the global market, offering them the opportunity to sell products worldwide.

Prepare your company for solving new challenges that transcend national borders!

It has already become established that the buying behavior is shifting towards online. A national eCommerce approach is no longer efficient as the internet allows people to have full access to all products worldwide without complications or restrictions. Latest research has shown that by 2020, over 2 billion e-shoppers will be transacting 13.5% of their overall retail consumptions online. Thus, companies need to be prepared to catch this opportunity to boost their business via cross border e-commerce.

Click here to read more about the global cross border e-commerce market.

CBE in China: Recognizing the potential

As a  key market for CBE, China's cross-border e-commerce is opening up with an open strategy of “going out and going global”, which has become a new driving force for China's economic development. Chinese consumers have increasingly been attracted to foreign brands via e-commerce platforms. Chinese CBE sales are expected to reach US$ 144 billion by 2021 according to data from China Internet Watch.

Faced with the huge potential of the Chinese market, many companies have chosen to enter the Chinese market. However, to enter Chinese market successfully, you need a trustworthy partner. We dgroup can support you in Chinese market entry and connect you with highly innovative Chinese eCommerce companies like Alibaba or

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Now let’s look at how startups and unicorns successfully integrate their business ideas into the cross-border market:


WeRetail is the first ever retail solution combining offline shopping experience and cross-border e-commerce by targeting Chinese tourists. Read more about the success story and how the company overcomes all cross-border challenges. Click here to visit their website. 

Xiaohongshu (Little Red book)

The unicorn has detected the potential of combining “Instagram + Amazon”: the platform helps users discover and buy luxury products from overseas, share shopping tips and swap fashion ideas. How did they achieve this? Click here to read more.

The year of the pig stands for wealth, luck and honesty, good conditions for you company throughout the upcoming months. If you want to unleash new potentials and add more value to your company, do get in touch with our Chin:fected team.

Dr. Mei Wang is Senior Manager Digital Transformation at dgroup and our China Digital Innovation Lead. As a digital innovation expert from China who has lived in Europe for 18 years, Mei’s personal as well as professional mission is to inspire Western companies with the latest insights from the Silicon Dragon, to empower digital transformation journeys of MNEs and to accelerate digital growth and global co-creation by connecting the West with the East. With a vision to “create a new kind of global digital innovation network”, she co-founded the Chin:fected team in January 2018 together with three colleagues from dgroup.

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