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Jun 19, 2018 @ 08:06 by Olaf Rotax

Google Invests 550 Million Dollars in Three Questions to China Expert Olaf Rotax

Location Insider interviewed our Managing Director Olaf Rotax on potential impacts of this alliance, how this affects Amazon and what it means for European retailers.

Google invests $ 550 million in, the second largest e-commerce group in China, right after Alibaba. Even though this investment seems impressive, Google holds no more than one percent of the shares: Currently the Chinese company is valued at USD 62 billion. Nonetheless, the alliance has potential to turn around global trade. In an interview with Location Insider, our founder and CEO Olaf Rotax gives insights on what this alliance means, whether this step can be understood as a fight against Amazon and how it affects retailers in Germany or Europe. Read more at Location Insider. (in German!)

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