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Jul 25, 2019 @ 07:07 by Martin Boes

dgroup starts dCAMP – a new exchange format for innovation labs

dCAMP, our new exchange format, has been launched. The main objective of this format is to build up an interactive and practice-oriented community to foster continuous and structured exchange between leaders of innovation labs. Discover the key takeaways of the first edition.

What is dCAMP ?

Some weeks ago, dgroup launched its new exchange format called “dCAMP” with a clear purpose and ambition of “growing successful innovation labs”. The main objective of this format is to build up an interactive and practice-oriented community to foster continuous and structured exchange between leaders of innovation labs. The exchange gets enriched by the latest dgroup and scientific insights in this context. 


Why did we start dCAMP?

An increasing number of corporates and medium-sized companies have recently launched their own innovation labs (or other archetypes of corporate innovation units) to address the various implications of digitization and accelerating technological progress on their core businesses. Just like our clients, business partners and friends, we at dgroup also want and need to continuously reinvent ourselves in a fast-changing market environment. For us, innovation is not only about producing fresh ideas that get lost in the mass. It is about exploiting ideas and transforming them to desirable, viable and feasible business models in a way that has an impact on daily business and create added value for customers. We strongly believe that continuous exchange with and among leaders of innovation labs enables learning from one another and also impacts on one’s own approach to organize innovation. We want to give like-minded organizations a relevant format to represent their innovation labs and establish lasting relationships with their peers. dCAMP is the forum to achieve all this, a forum that helps innovation labs to grow.

What did we do?

At our first event in June 2019, we brought together 12 selected decision makers from different corporate innovation units, Prof. Martin Kupp, who is a leading scientist in the academic and research field of entrepreneurship and corporate innovation, and the dgroup itself. The agenda was structured around 4 main points: Infuse, Discuss, Engage and Enjoy. 


Two infusion sessions by dgroup and Prof. Kupp gave the participants insights on topics such as common success factors and challenges for innovation labs. These sessions set the scene for exchange among the participants and at the working sessions.  


We witnessed intense and very interactive discussions at the dCAMP event that did not even stop at the end of one session, but continued throughout the working sessions and networking breaks. We chose a so-called Fishbowl format for the discussion with the participants. It gave them the opportunity to actively shape the discussion and to get involved either by answering questions or by stating their own point of views. The overall result of the Fishbowl discussions exceeded our expectations. The diverse group of participants and the different maturity levels of corporate innovation labs fostered a highly engaging environment and atmosphere. 


All participants had the opportunity to connect and to engage in a more in-depth conversation during special networking breaks.


Last but not least the Future Camp in our Hamburg office with a rooftop terrace view over the city, gave this community an enjoyable and inspiring home.     This is just the beginning...

Our first dCAMP event was just the inaugural event of a series. The next event is already being planned and will pick up our participants’ valuable feedback. We are going to include an even bigger audience and number of participants and emphasize on content transfer. 

Interested in becoming part of our community and joining the next dCAMP? Please feel free to contact anytime for further information.

The dCAMP team

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