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"China sees itself on an equal level"

We are really looking forward to the eighth Hamburg Summit - the most important Sino-European economic conference - on the 26th and 27th of November in the Handelskammer Hamburg!
Receive relevant insights about Hamburgs role in the European-China trade relations by Olaf Rotax beforehand!

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How Prescriptive Analytics can help modern retailers

Prescriptive Analytics is likely to mature in the near future and yield high potential for any organization, especially for retailers.
This article simplifies the term prescriptive analytics and clarifies, how it differentiates from other, more established types of data analytics while illustrating the potential behind it.

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Olaf Rotax, Dr. Wanli Min and Rosie Hawkins @DMEXCO Conference Stage

Our Retail- and China expert Olaf Rotax talking with Dr. Wanli Min (Chief Data AI Scientist Alibaba Cloud) and Rosie Hawkins (Kantar)
Topic: 'Powered by the Silicon Dragon: New Take on Digital Transformation'

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Strategies for retailers for dealing with Amazon & Co.

Olaf Rotax, Managing Director dgroup, about challenges and options for retailers in the face of digitization

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Olaf Rotax, Dr. Wanli Min and Yuri van Geest @DMEXCO Cologne

Olaf Rotax (MD, dgroup/Accenture), Dr. Wanli Min (Chief Machine Intelligence Scientist, Alibaba Group) and Yuri van Geest (Founder, Singularity University The Netherlands) will provide exclusive insights into digital dynamics powered by the flourishing Chinese digital innovation ecosystem

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