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Baidu/Alibaba/Tencent vs. Google/Amazon/Facebook/Apple

dgroup Managing Director Olaf Rotax on Google's entry into Chinese retail giant

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Google Invests 550 Million Dollars in Three Questions to China Expert Olaf Rotax

Location Insider interviewed our Managing Director Olaf Rotax on potential impacts of this alliance, how this affects Amazon and what it means for European retailers.

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GAFA - the gravediggers of retail? How Amazon and Co. can turn into an opportunity for all retailers.

Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple are to be feared from many retailers. We believe that they do not necessarily have to be a threat and explain to what extent Amazon and Co. can also be perceived as an opportunity for online and for local retailers.

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Don’t look at the Valley, look at China!

Eight tips on how founders in Germany can benefit from Chinese entrepreneurship.

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8 Business Challenges Your Company Can Address In Becoming More Agile

Agile ways of working help companies overcome a number of challenges. This article tries to simplify the term agility and gives examples for the challenges that can be addressed through agile project management.

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