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The potentials of Blockchain – enabled supply chain for consumer trust and marketing

Today’s consumers react skeptical to conventional marketing claims. Blockchain has the potential to bring a new level of transparency into consumer goods supply chains and serve as a differentiator in the marketplace/ competitive battle. In this article, you will discover how companies can capitalize on this trend and how you can approach blockchain for your business.

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Leaders Connected: dgroup/Accenture with Digital Business Building and China‘s AI Innovation at the NOAH Conference in Berlin

NOAH is the leading industry event for the European Internet ecosystem. Being a key sponsor, premium- and content partner dgroup / Accenture was present with large scale.

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Olaf Rotax bei DigitalKompakt/PeopleFirst

Wie gelingt der digitale Wandel und welche Rolle spielen dabei die Mitarbeiter im Unternehehmen? Im Podcast DigitalKompakt/PeopleFirst war diese Woche unser MD und Digital-Experte Olaf Rotax zu Gast, der mit Mathias Weigert über die Bausteine und Erfolgsfaktoren für den digitalen Wandel spricht. 

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5 Tips for an Enterprise to evolve towards “Business Agility”

Taking a look at recent discussions at conferences and in the media, it seems like lean and agile ways of working have infected whole organizations. Agility on team level is the past, today everybody talks about “Business Agility”. In this article, I will demystify the term “Business Agility” and discuss its benefits and challenges. Subsequently, I will give five recommendations that clarify on how to adopt to Business Agility.


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Latest Trends in China’s Digital Healthcare Service Industry

Healthcare is the largest sector in the world - but also one that poses the most challenges. Especially China, which hospitals can be summed up as overcrowded, understaffed and overstrained need to find solutions to meet the increasing demand for healthcare. We want to have a closer look how startups use the latest technologies to solve the challenges in healthcare. 

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