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Olaf Rotax, Dr. Wanli Min and Rosie Hawkins @DMEXCO Conference Stage

Our Retail- and China expert Olaf Rotax talking with Dr. Wanli Min (Chief Data AI Scientist Alibaba Cloud) and Rosie Hawkins (Kantar)
Topic: 'Powered by the Silicon Dragon: New Take on Digital Transformation'

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Strategies for retailers for dealing with Amazon & Co.

Olaf Rotax, Managing Director dgroup, about challenges and options for retailers in the face of digitization

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Olaf Rotax, Dr. Wanli Min and Yuri van Geest @DMEXCO Cologne

Olaf Rotax (MD, dgroup/Accenture), Dr. Wanli Min (Chief Machine Intelligence Scientist, Alibaba Group) and Yuri van Geest (Founder, Singularity University The Netherlands) will provide exclusive insights into digital dynamics powered by the flourishing Chinese digital innovation ecosystem

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Amazon and Alibaba on the rise: It's time for German retailers to start defending themselves against the digital giants

dgroup Managing Director Olaf Rotax on what German retailers can learn from China's New Retail

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Alibaba and Chinese Retailers start to attack Amazon, Zalando and Otto.

The Chinese retail giants are currently building up logistics infrastructure for a market launch in Europe. "A market entry for Alibaba and in Germany would only work through a major acquisition. An online retailer such as Zalando or Otto or a logistics company like DHL could be an option" – dgroup MD Olaf Rotax  in Handelsblatt (article is in German)

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