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Don’t look at the Valley, look at China!

Eight tips on how founders in Germany can benefit from Chinese entrepreneurship.

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8 Business Challenges Your Company Can Address In Becoming More Agile

Agile ways of working help companies overcome a number of challenges. This article tries to simplify the term agility and gives examples for the challenges that can be addressed through agile project management.

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Customer Value Framework – building great products & services based on deep understanding of your customers

For the product and service development Customer Centricity recently became a marketing mantra. We at dgroup designed a flexible Customer Value Framework which has proved itself at numerous projects.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is essential for the future of retailers

In times where retailers struggle to differentiate and competition is fierce, a smart customer relationship management might be the key to success.

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Digitalization X.0 – ExO as the key success factor for companies

The hardest competition will no longer be coming from China or India. Your worst nightmare will take the form of a new type of organization where neither heritage, nor reputation, nor current sales indicate your market survival. We’re talking about the ‘Exponential Organization (ExO).’

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