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Teresa Elena Haeser

Analyst at dgroup

„Being customer-focused allows you to be pioneering.“


What is your academical and professional background?

I did my Bachelor ‘s degree at EBS University and my master’s degree  at ESCP Europe, both in economics and gained practical experience in the Media/Telecommunication sector, as well as in IoT and Entrepreneurship.

What made you decide to work for dgroup?

It was and still is the peerless spirit.

What really motivates you?

An atmosphere both challenging AND supportive, people who care and room for creativity.

Early bird or night owl?

Early Bird

Digital native or immigrant?

Digital Native

Which digital product or service would you liked to have created?

Google Maps. This app has saved my life tons of times and still continues to become smarter and smarter.

Where have you lived?

Munich, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Berlin, Hamburg

What do you think about whilst traveling?

For me travelling means disconnecting.

What have you learned at dgroup?

What difference and impact one can make when pulling together.

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