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Ruppert Bodmeier

Director Business Development at dgroup

„Innovation is driven by the right combination of analytic approach and creative freedom. “


What are your main tasks?

Creation, conception and development of multiple client campaigns.

What is your academical and professional background?

I hold a diploma in business administration at the university of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. Before joining dgroup, I founded my first web business.

What made you decide to work for dgroup?

The combination of analytic approach and creative freedom – perfect basis for innovative ideas!

What really motivates you?

To question the status quo in eCommerce at the right touch points. We still see a lot potential here!

Early bird or night owl?

I have a little son, so actually it is early bird as well as night owl.

Digital native or immigrant?

I would rather call myself a digital guru :)

Which digital product or service would you liked to have created?

Svpply was amazing! Shame on you eBay for shutting this great platform down!

Three books / blogs / podcasts you want to recommend? is currently the best eCommerce blog. I’m also reading the biography of Elon Musk. For those who are having a lot of free time, I recommend the EXCHANGES podcasts.

Which three things would you take to a lonesome island?

Motorboat, enough fuel, compass to escape from this island.

Where have you lived?

Ebersberg in Munich and Hamburg St. Pauli.

What do you think about whilst traveling?

Take advantage of being offline for a moment and use the free time for postponed projects.

What have you learned at dgroup?

How much time you save with clear and structured processes without diving too much into bureaucratic details.

What was your best team / client situation?

My best situation was the following client briefing: “We want the holy shit! Do it!”


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