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Robin Rohrmann

Manager at dgroup

Special focus: Digital Business Building & Business Models

„We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.“


What are your main tasks?

I'm an adventure-seeker, philanthropist and out of the box thinker. My main tasks normally resonate with at least one of the three.

What is your academical and professional background?

Truly T-Shaped: Holding a MBA degree, obtained a Master’s Degree in Digital Pioneering and kicked off my professional life as a Business Lawyer (LL.B). Always eager to learn new things. Further training received at Harvard Business School Online (Disruptive Strategy / Entrepreneurship Essentials) and Stanford Uni (Leadership).

What made you decide to work for dgroup?

Top notch colleagues with diverse backgrounds (serial entrepreneurs, strategy consultants and corporate managers) in a digital environment – ahead of the market.

What really motivates you?

Mastering to become better every single day.

Early bird or night owl?

Find me at the gym in the morning and at the bar at night.

Digital native or immigrant?

Native and constantly trying to keep up.

Which digital product or service would you liked to have created?

Considering fun, fame and fortune: I think I’d go with any kind of matchmaking platform (i.e. LinkedIn, Uber, AirBnB).

Three books you want to recommend?

  •  The Big Five For Life
  •  Machen Machen (MyMuesli)
  • Der Große Kostolany.

Where have you lived?

Atlanta (U.S.), Leeds (U.K.), Berlin, Munich, but my heart is always in Cologne

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