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Martin Wider

Principal Director at dgroup

Special Focus: FMCG, Digital Branding, Digital Storytelling, Social Marketing, Ad/Marketing Tech

„The digital transformation will affect every person, every company, every country, and every political system.“


Can you please tell us your personal background?

I am an entrepreneur, creative strategist and tech enthusiast. I qualified as a journalist and made my way in Media, PR and Advertising – from copywriter, to Creative Director to agency leader. I co-founded two agencies and run as a CEO German operations for international advertising networks Publicis and J. Walter Thompson. Over the last years I made my journey from Adland to Adtech and have been involved in some very ambitious startups in the fields of Social TV, Mobile and Marketing Tech. As CMO of Facelift, Europe’s leading Facebook marketing-tech company, I helped to triple-digit grow the business.

What was your main decision to dedicate your life to dgroup?

During years in advertising I always thought that it might be a great benefit for clients to blend an idea-driven agency with a forward thinking strategy consultancy. Therefore I have been much exited becoming a dgroup partner to foster and grow dgroup’s agency part. I believe that our unique combination of consulting, building and operating digital business is a powerful answer for a future-proof digital transformation.

Can you please tell us your personal view on digital today?

I have been in advertising, media and marketing for more than 20 years. Working for some of the most respected global brands I learned that problems can be solved with creativity. Working in fast growing digital companies I learned that problems can be solved with technology. With all these in mind I am an evangelist that the combination of creativity and technology can solve any kind of problem – business, brand and marketing problems. Thanks to digital, today’s consumers are better connected, informed, enabled and therefore more powerful than ever before. As much digital has affected consumers, it has had an even bigger impact on every company. Doing business with technology savvy customers’ needs a technology savvy company. Today new companies with technology and a disruptive business model at their core are able to wipe away legacy companies within a short time. Therefore there are only two options – for any company and any individual: be an active part of the digital transformation or be transformed by others!

​ Digitalization is changing our lives, can you please tell us your personal vision of our digital future?

We live and work in an era, where technology is rolling the business landscape and the pace of change will accelerate during the next decades. This will create unique advantages and challenges for any kind of business and every individual person. Technology changed and is changing the ways we are communicating, working, shopping, fighting, healing and doing politics – to name just a few. The digital transformation will affect every person, every company, every country, and every political system. Digital Transformation is not the playground of some fancy nerds or shiny Silicon-Valley Unicorns. It will affect everything and everyone. Therefore it is imperative for the society at large, governments and every politician to have digital transformation on top of their agenda. The future is bright, but the society has to ensure that the future is bright for nearly everyone.

​Please tell us three things you would like people to remember about you?

This person is inspirational, passionate, committed, and a guy it is fun to work with!


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