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Dr. Mei Wang

Senior Manager at dgroup

Special focus: China Digital Innovation


What are your main tasks? 

Inspiring Western companies with latest insights from the "Silicon Dragon", empowering digital transformation journeys of MNEs in China and the world, and accelerate digital growth and global co-creation by connecting the West with the East.

What is your academical and professional background? 

I hold a PhD in Science, Technology and Innovation from University of Edinburgh and two master degrees in Social Science and Information System Design. Within my position as a Senior Manager at dgroup, I also co-founded Accenture's Chin:fected team in January 2018.

What really motivates you?

My vision to create a new kind of global digital innovation network.

What was your best client situation? 

I saw how digital innovation speed was accelerate by connecting West and East and how much potential evolved for both sides.


Leaders Connected: dgroup/Accenture with Digital Business Building and China‘s AI Innovation at the NOAH Conference in Berlin

NOAH is the leading industry event for the European Internet ecosystem. Being a key sponsor, premium- and content partner dgroup / Accenture was present with large scale.

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Olaf Rotax bei DigitalKompakt/PeopleFirst

Wie gelingt der digitale Wandel und welche Rolle spielen dabei die Mitarbeiter im Unternehehmen? Im Podcast DigitalKompakt/PeopleFirst war diese Woche unser MD und Digital-Experte Olaf Rotax zu Gast, der mit Mathias Weigert über die Bausteine und Erfolgsfaktoren für den digitalen Wandel spricht. 

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6 Tipps, wie stationäre Händler im Kampf gegen Amazon & Co bestehen können​​

Unser Retailexperte und Geschäftsführer Mathias Gehrckens gibt sechs Tipps, wie sich Retailer gegen die Übermacht der Online-Riesen zur Wehr setzen können.

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Frontend-Kommunikation: Was bin ich und wenn ja wie viele? (Ruppert Bodmeier, Director Business Development)

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For many of our customers, we are still faced with silos and / or "silo thinking". Many of the teams are organized according to competencies and work separately. In this conference talk, we highlight why it is so important to create an organization from these silos which enables and promotes a holistic and agile product development. 

Read more about it here (article is in German).

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