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Annika Mayer

Managing Director at dgroup

Special focus: Digital Transformation Management, Platform and Ecosystem Strategy, Digital Culture & Leadership

„To see things in the seed, that is genius.“


Can you please tell us your personal background?

I studied international management & finance and abnormal psychology in Germany and Canada and then started my Consulting Career with Accenture in 2004. Since then, I have facilitated large-scale transformations with a focus on Organizational Performance and Agility, Digital Leadership and Digital Culture. I live in Stuttgart, Germany but I am off to the sea side whenever I can to balance life in “motor city”.

What was your main decision to dedicate your life to dgroup?

I have already been part of Accenture when I supported the “marriage” of Accenture Management Consulting and dgroup in 2016. I was deeply impressed by the special culture and talent that unites all “dgroupies” with the very distinct capabilities of digital end-to-end strategies and implementation and business model innovation. There was a good match with regards to my portfolio of Agile Organizations, Digital DNA and Culture in helping my clients to make digital transformations happen and also my personal way of working and leading. So, in beginning of 2018 I became part of dgroup.

Can you please tell us your personal view on digital today?

Digitalization is the biggest cultural and mindset shift that companies, societies and individuals are facing and it already reaches into each aspect of our lifes. I believe that conscious consumption, screentime shopping, “personified” brand experiences as well as sustainability aspects will continue to gain relevance. Hence companies & politics alike will have to offer solutions and services to cater to highly selective consumers that are the center stage.

Digitalization is changing our lives, can you please tell us your personal vision of our digital future?

Already today, marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba or eBay are dominating the market. In Germany alone, Amazon and ebay own 66% of the German e-Commerce market. By 2023, 28% of all consumer goods will be purchased online and I am convinced that those companies that how to engage in the “Ecosystem and Platform play” putting in place B2B or B2C Platform Business Models will win.

Please tell us three things you would like people to remember about you?

  • Visionary & strategic
  • Creative and innovative
  • Trusted business partner with a contagious passion to drive results
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