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Anne Weyrauch

Manager at dgroup

Special focus: CGS clients, End-2-end digital strategy, digital business, operational excellence

„Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole live believing that its stupid.“


What are your main tasks?

The honest answer would be: Challenging and asking questions.

Together with my CGS clients I mainly focus on building and driving their end-2-end digital strategy and developing operational excellence in conjunction with their corporate culture. At the beginning most of my clients are surprised that this involves that the consultant is a challenging partner on eye level.

What is your academical and professional background?

I have an international MBA, which I completed next to my previous job. Additionally, I hold a diploma in Business Administration with focus on Tourism Management and Environmental Management. Before joining dgroup, I worked several years as Marketing & Sales Manager for a global retailer developing and implementing multichannel marketing- and sales strategies for six Eastern European markets and as a Product & Sales Manager for a tour operator.

What made you decide to work for dgroup?

The people, open, controversy discussions, thoughts and mindsets. We are encouraged not to be afraid, to think differently and outside the box. Combined with digital and business building projects, which accompany clients across different maturity levels, I believe dgroup is the best fit to develop myself and others.

What really motivates you?

My motivation is my goal. I believe that it’s essential to call attention to the rapid changes digitization is bringing to every vein of a company’s DNA. Hence, I want to help my clients to kick-start a clear digital strategy and provide an end-to-end support along the entire growth journey. I also believe, that it’s essential to grow our people, to provide space for own ideas, guidance whenever needed and to stand behind them even in stormy situations.

Early bird or night owl?

Both. I get up early to start my day and have some time for myself, but I also like the time when the office gets quite again. It really depends - both times can be productive.

Digital native or immigrant?


Which digital product or service would you liked to have created?

There are so many great digital products and services have been developed. I believe that we need to focus more on using future developments to make the world better and help people to help themselves all over the world.

Books / blogs / podcasts you want to recommend?

My own podcast of course:

Books: The Space Barons: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and the Quest to Colonize the Cosmos (Christian Davenport) & Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress (Steven Pinker)

Which three things would you take to a lonesome island?

I would not survive on a lonesome island. I just would get crazy, so I definitely need a boat to leave it.

Where have you lived?

UK, Finland and Germany

What do you think about whilst traveling?

Where to go next

What have you learned at dgroup?

All opinions are important. Thinking differently doesn’t hurt.

What was your best team / client situation?

There are so many great experiences I made: Developing our people and see them growing. Taking smart risks to drive change and help to identify the best fitting solution for my clients. Late night working with curious minds and some beer in the office.

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